Prayer Diary: Week commencing 12 April 2015: Those with problems or issues in our parishes

  • There are people in our parishes who have problems with alcohol, drugs or other substances. They often sit alongside other problems – physical or mental health issues, complex and difficult family relationships, unemployment, difficulty in maintaining regularity or structure in life, poor educational attainment and so on. Pray for them, that they will find the support they need to break out of their addictions and to cope with the other issues in their lives. Pray for their families, friends and neighbours who are trying to cope with their problems. Pray for those who work with people with addiction problems
  • ‘Old age doesn’t come alone’. For some it means physical problems – restricted mobility, chronic pain, difficulty breathing, spells in and out of hospital, adjusting to not being able to do things you used to do, adjusting to losing your independence and having to rely on others. For other people it is the mind that is affected as forgetful or dementia develops. It is stressful and distressing. Pray for those who are experiencing the problems of age in their own lives, and those who are having to cope with them in relatives, friends or neighbours. Pray too for those who work with older people who have age-related problems
  • Attitudes to people with disabilities, learning difficulties, ‘conditions’ or ‘syndromes’ have changed markedly over the last two generations. They are now much more readily included in the mainstream of society. But coping with a family member, friend or neighbour can still be hard work. Pray for continuing change in attitudes, and greater inclusion. Pray that those who have disabilities etc will be enabled to reach their full potential. Pray for those who have to cope/ look after them, that they will have the stamina and patience they need

Holy Week Services 2015

Monday 30th March, 7pm  – Joint Service at the West Kirk

Tuesday 31st March, 7pm – Joint Service at St Andrew’s Bellsmyre

Wednesday 1st April, 7pm  – Joint Service at Dalreoch (Ian Johnson preaching)

Thursday 2nd April, 1pm – Joint Communion service at the West Kirk

Thursday 2nd April, 7pm  – Joint Service at St Augustine’s (Passover mean, Communion, Stripping the church)

Friday 3rd April, 11am – DCT Walk of Witness

Friday 3rd April, 12 noon – Joint Service in the High Street

Friday 3rd April, 7pm – Joint Communion service at Riverside (Brian Rodgers preaching)

Boys Brigade Battalion Service & Parade 8th March 2015

We welcomed boys from all over the battalion yesterday for the church service in Riverside, followed by the march down the High Street accompanied by  pipes & drums.

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Our own 1st/2nd Dumbarton Company performed well in the following competitions recently

– congratulations to all who took part:


Junior Section

  • 1st Bible competition
  • 1st Swimming Gala
  • 1st P.E competition
  • 3rd Model Making competition


Company Section

  • 3rd Bible competition
  • Took part in National Cross Country finals