Prayer Diary 28 June: Those working in shops and offices

  • There are still quite a lot of people work in Dumbarton, in shops and offices around the town. Give thanks for the work they do.
  • Pray that they will find fulfilment in their work. Pray for those who have ‘issues’ to face at work (whether coping with personality clashes, uncertainty over the future of their job, or dealing with the public)
  • Pray for good relations with management, colleagues and clients/customers

St Columba’s Day School event

On St Columba’s Day (9 June) Dumbarton Churches Together, through their Dumbarton Christian Heritage project, invited all P7 children from Dumbarton schools to visit the Castle together and learn about the town’s history. Lovely sunny day. Provost and Keeper of the Castle attended a short service where children from the school expressed their hopes for the present and future in their prayers.

images now online here

Prayer Diary 21 June: Our MP and MSPs

  • Give thanks for those who serve our community as MP and MSPs – how many of us would be willing to do their job?
  • Politicians need to be fairly thick-skinned – people tend to have a not very high opinion of politicians in general, and sometimes this can lead to politicians being subject to abuse and hurtful comments. Pray that we will be respectful and encourage others to be respectful
  • Living between the constituency and Edinburgh or London is tiring, and can be disruptive of family life. Pray that they may have the stamina to cope. Pray too for their families who have to cope with being in the spotlight, and may not see a family member as much as they would like
  • Pray for our MP and MSPs that they will work for the good of our community, and for the building of a country and world with peace and justice

Fact box: MP and MSPs for Dumbarton
Martin Docherty MP    West Dunbartonshire (SNP)
Jackie Ballie MSP    Dumbarton (Labour)
Neil Bibby MSP    West of Scotland (Labour)
Jackson Carlaw MSP    West of Scotland (Conservative)
Mary Fee MSP    West of Scotland (Labour)
Annabel Goldie MSP    West of Scotland (Conservative)
Stewart Maxwell MSP    West of Scotland (SNP)
Margaret McDougall MSP    West of Scotland (Labour)
Stuart McMillan MSP    West of Scotland (SNP)

Prayer Diary 14 June: Presbytery

  • Give thanks for those who serve in Presbytery, particularly those who hold office in it. Being a member of Presbytery isn’t just a case of going to meetings roughly once a month. Most have committees to attend, some have congregations to visit, and there are Presbytery services through the year which members are encouraged to attend too
  • Give thanks for the retiring Moderator of Presbytery, the Rev Alastair Ramage, and pray that he will be able to appreciate his new-found freedom. Pray for the new Moderator, Dr Iain Galbraith, who takes up responsibility on 16 June
  • Pray for those who serve as Interim Moderators and Locums, and those who try to find people to serve in such roles

Fact Box: members of Presbytery from Riverside and West Kirk
Ian Johnson    Minister
Ian Logan    Additional Elder, Riverside
Celia Massicks    Representative Elder, Riverside
Ishbel Robertson    OLM, serving in St Andrew’s Bellsmyre
Sheila Rennie    Additional Elder, Riverside
Cliff Tilley    Representative Elder, West Kirk

Prayer Diary 7 June: Leisure and fitness

  • There are various leisure activities happen within the two sets of church buildings – some church activities, some activities that use the church premises. Give thanks that as well as helping to keep people fit, they also provide fellowship, company and bring people from outside the church into its buildings
  • Pray for those who lead and organise such groups, whether they are volunteers or paid staff, that they will have the patience and stamina to keep going
  • Many church members belong to sports clubs in the town, or use leisure facilities such as the Meadow Centre. Pray for all who run such facilities – again whether volunteers or paid staff
  • There are also other leisure facilities in the town which provide an opportunity to meet and share with others who have similar interests – Probus, the Camera Club, the Masonic Hall. Give thanks for the many ways in which people (particularly those who are retired) are able to meet with others, and to continue to use their skills and abilities
  • Pray for those who do not belong to any clubs or take part in any leisure or fitness activities. There are different reasons: some are housebound, some cannot afford the money, some are full time carers etc. Pray in particular for those who are lonely and those whose lifestyles put long-term health at risk

 Fact Box: leisure and fitness activities in our church halls

Badminton – Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings WK
Coffee Club – Monday morning West Kirk
Zumba – Monday morning and afternoon Riverside
Carpet – Bowls Monday afternoon Riverside
Ladies Keep Fit – Monday afternoon Riverside
Line Dancing – Monday evening West Kirk
Ladies Badminton – Tuesday & Thursday mornings Riverside
Handcraft Circle – Tuesday afternoon West Kirk
TaeKwan -Do – Wednesday evening Riverside
Good Companions – Friday afternoon Riverside
Dance School – Friday evening West Kirk

Prayer Diary: Week commencing 26 April: Messy Church

* Give thanks for those who come to Messy Church and obviously enjoy it. Some are part of the Sunday worshipping community, some go to other churches, some don’t have much of a church connection. Pray that the links will become stronger and that all may be drawn into the life of the wider church

* Give thanks for those who organise it and lead the different activities. Pray that others may become involved in the planning and leading – both to include them, and to enable us to have Messy Church more often Factbox Messy Church happens once a quarter in Riverside on either a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. It is intended to be an event for families

The principles behind organising Messy Church are: Family, Friendship, Food, Fun, Faith, Flexibility and Fruitfulness or to put it another way:
– it is for all ages, not just children
– it is about creativity, not just crafts
– it is about worship and community, not a bridge to ‘real church’
– it aims for transformation of family life, not just fun for kids
– its hospitality is part of its outreach, not just an inducement to come

Heart & Soul 17 May 2015

Heart And Sould LIving StonesHeart and Soul 2015 is a large-scale celebratory event organised by the Church of Scotland. It coincides with the beginning of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland taking place nearby.

The event is designed to celebrate the life and work of the church in Scotland. It’s free to attend and all are welcome!

Riverside are organising a bus to the event again this year; the cost of the bus will be dependent on the number going – the more that do go, the cheaper it will be!

Watch a video highlighting some of last year’s key moments here: