18 December

The LORD will give you a sign: a young woman who is pregnant will have a son and will name him ‘Immanuel’. By the time he is old enough to make his own decisions, people will be drinking milk and eating honey.

Isaiah 7: 14-15

Gracious God,

We give you thanks that you are active in our world.

We can’t always see the signs that you are at work,

sometimes your timescale is different from ours,

but you are always working

and you don’t need us to nudge you into doing something.

Sometimes we are the ones who need nudged.

We can’t be bothered

We think we’re too busy.

Forgive us, and make us ready to do your work

11 December

Give strength to hands that are tired

 and to knees that tremble with weakness.

Tell everyone who is discouraged,

“Be strong and don’t be afraid!

God is coming to your rescue.”

Isaiah 35: 3-4


We pray for all those who are tired and weary –

weary from caring for others

weary from trying to make ends meet

weary from coping with pain and illness

We pray for those who are discouraged –

because of repeated knocks and setbacks

because through age and illness they cannot do what they did

We pray for ourselves that we may know your strength

to keep going

to help others

to be witnesses to you

4th December

The Spirit of the LORD will give him wisdom

 and the knowledge and skill to rule his people.

He will know the LORD’s will and honour him,

 and find pleasure in obeying him.

He will not judge by appearance or hearsay;

 he will judge the poor fairly

 and defend the rights of the helpless.

Isaiah 11: 2-4a



We pray for all in positions of authority

here and in every other land:

may they strive for peace and justice, truth and honesty,

wholeness and fullness of life for everyone.

We pray for those who desperately long for peace and justice

who live with fear, poverty or abuse.

We pray for ourselves

that we will strive as best we can to make it the kind of world

you want it to be

Week beginning 27 November: Scotland

Church Of Scotland
  • Give thanks for being part of a community, for friends, family, neighbours and colleagues
  • Pray that people may feel committed to working for the best for their communities, offering time and energy to help others
  • Pray for those who are facing problems of loneliness, illness, poverty, unemployment/underemployment, abuse
  • Pray for all who are involved in local and national government
  • Give thanks for the beauty around us. Pray that we may appreciate and care for it
  • Pray for the churches in Scotland, that they may be faithful witnesses to Christ’s love and Good News, and that more and more people will respond to Christ’s call

Week beginning 20 November: Guild

  • Thank you for the fellowship which the members of the Guild share each week
  • The Church of Scotland Guild is an organisation that extends across the whole country, encouraging members to recognise that they are part of something larger than their own congregation. Give thanks for friendships made, and support offered and received
  • The Church of Scotland Guild is open to men as well as women, and although in Dumbarton the Guild meets in Riverside, there are members from a number of churches including West Kirk. Pray that more will be encouraged to join, and feel welcomed and included
  • Guild activities do not just happen. Someone has to plan, organise, arrange them, as well as give up time to write letters, look after money, go to meetings and so on. Give thanks for those who are willing to do that, and pray that they will keep having the stamina and enthusiasm
  •  The Guild across the country supports a number of projects. Give thanks for the work of the Guild in raising awareness as well as money, and pray for the success of the projects

Fact File

Afternoon Guild        Thursday afternoons at 2pm

Evening Guild           Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm

The After Eights        Wednesday evenings at 8pm

Meet in Riverside

Week beginning 13 November: Remembrance

Remembrance Wreath
  • Let us remember the courage, the devotion to duty, the self-sacrifice of the men and women in our armed forces, the toil, the endurance, the suffering of those who were not in uniform, the support of those from afar
  • Let us remember those who were wounded in the fight, who perished in air raids at home, who fell in battle, who are buried at sea or in some corner of a foreign field
  • Let us remember those who were our enemies, who also lost parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends, who also lost homes, hopes, dreams
  • Let us remember those who came back, whose lives still bear the scars of war, who lost sight or limbs or reason, who lost faith in God and hope for humanity
  • Let us remember those currently caught up in wars – the military personnel and the civilians
  • Let us remember God’s will for his world, his continuing care for us and his call to us to follow in the way of Christ

 They shall not grow old

as we who are left grow old

Age shall not weary them

nor the years condemn

At the going down of the sun

and in the morning

We will remember them.

Week beginning 6 November: Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

  • We give thanks for the young people in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. We pray that they will continue to enjoy belonging to the group, and the wider movement
  • Give thanks for the commitment of the leaders, which involves much more than just turning up on a Tuesday or Thursday evening!
  • Pray that more people will come forward to train as leaders, and that current members of the group will be inspired to become leaders themselves in due course
  • Give thanks for the support of families


Fact File:

Beavers                    Tuesdays 6.00pm – 7.00pm

Cubs                         Tuesdays 6.00pm – 7.00pm

Scouts                      Thursdays 7.45pm – 9.45pm

Meet in Riverside

Week beginning 30 October: All Stars

  • Thanks for the young people that come to All Stars each month, and enjoy the crafts, games, food and fellowship
  • Thank you for the adults who are happy to spend time preparing for each session and being there to help
  • Pray that more young people will be interested in coming along, and that relationships will be built with their families


Fact File:

November   Dark & light

December   Cristingles

January       New Year

February     Chinese New Year

March         World Book Day

April            Easter

May            Water

June           Beach Party

Meets in West Kirk usually first Sunday of month 2-4pm

Week commencing 26 June: Those working in shops and offices

  • There are still quite a lot of people work in Dumbarton, in shops and offices around the town. Give thanks for the work they do.
  • Pray that they will find fulfilment in their work. Pray for those who have ‘issues’ to face at work (whether coping with personality clashes, uncertainty over the future of their job, or dealing with the public)
  • Pray for good relations with management, colleagues and clients/customers

NB Next Prayer diary will be available on Sunday 4 September 2016

Week commencing 19 June: Our MP and MSPs

  • Give thanks for those who serve our community as MP and MSPs – how many of us would be willing to do their job?
  • Politicians need to be fairly thick-skinned – people tend to have a not very high opinion of politicians in general, and sometimes this can lead to politicians being subject to abuse and hurtful comments. Pray that we will be respectful and encourage others to be respectful
  • Living between the constituency and Edinburgh or London is tiring, and can be disruptive of family life. Pray that they may have the stamina to cope. Pray too for their families who have to cope with being in the spotlight, and may not see a family member as much as they would like
  • Pray for our MP and MSPs that they will work for the good of our community, and for the building of a country and world with peace and justice

Fact box: MP and MSPs for Dumbarton

Martin Docherty MP

West Dunbartonshire (SNP)

Jackie Ballie MSP

Dumbarton (Labour)

Neil Bibby MSP

West of Scotland (Labour)

Maurice Corry MSP

West of Scotland (Conservative)

Mary Fee MSP

West of Scotland (Labour)

Maurice Golden MSP

West of Scotland (Conservative)

Jamie Greene MSP

West of Scotland (Conservative)

Ross Greer MSP

West of Scotland (Green)

Ken Macintosh MSP

West of Scotland (Labour)