Messy Church

Messy Church

Open to all ages, Messy Church events take place every six weeks on alternate Friday evenings and late Saturday afternoons. Involving a collaborative and fun approach to worship they last an hour and a quarter and include craft work and games based on a Bible theme. Please see our events calendar, Facebook pages or noticeboards around the church complex for upcoming dates and times.

Messy Church

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  2. Riverside Update says:

    Messy Church 10th September 2016 is at 4pm

    Messy Church September 2016

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  4. Riverside Update says:

    Next Messy Church – Holidays theme – 20th May 2016

  5. Riverside Update says:

    Next Messy Church – Easter Theme – 12th March 2016

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  7. Messy Church says:

    Friday 11th December from 6pm
    Messy Church – “Christingle”

  8. Cameron says:

    The Messy Church programme for the coming session is:

    Friday 4 September 6-7.30pm The Rock
    Saturday 24 October 4-5.30pm Hallowe’en
    Friday 11 December 6-7.30pm Christingle
    Saturday 12 March 4-5.30pm Easter
    Friday 20 May 6-7.30pm Holidays

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  10. Riverside Update says:

    Messy Church 9th May 2015 4pm-5:30pm, Theme: “New Growth”
    Messy Church 9th May 2015 4pm-5:30pm, Theme: New Growth

  11. Riverside Update says:

    Next Messy Church –

    Saturday 21 Feb 2015 – “Family”

    Saturday 9 May 2015 – “New Growth”

  12. Riverside Update says:

    Christingle – 6pm Friday 12 December 2014
    Come into the Halls from Castle Street
    A time for Families to share together in fun and food


    Make a family Christingle (bring your own orange if you can)
    have fun doing other crafts together
    share in supper
    light your Christingle
    sing carols and hear the Christingle story

    For more information phone the church office on 742551

  13. Riverside Update says:

    Click here for pictures from Sept 2014’s Messy Church

  14. Riverside Update says:

    The next two sessions for Messy Church are Saturday the 20th September and Friday the 12th December.

    Due to previous feedback we have extended our sessions slightly and Saturday times will now be 4:00pm – 5:30pm and Friday times will now be 6:00pm – 7:30pm.

  15. Riverside Update says:

    There was a Commonwealth Games themed crafts and games at messy church last week – visit the FaceBook page to see some photos!


  16. Riverside Update says:

    Messy Church is back!
    Bringing families within the community together to enjoy playing games, arts & crafts, music making, singing and of course eating!
    Bring along your children, parents, nieces, nephews and grandchildren to enjoy a fun-packed evening without having to clean up the mess!

    Join in the fun:

    Friday April 25, 18:00 – 19:15

    Find us on

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