Week commencing 23 April: Dalreoch Primary School

  • ‘Oor wee school is a great wee school.’ Give thanks for the community of staff, pupils and parents at Dalreoch Primary School, for their commitment and all that they have achieved
  • The school is now going forward after a period of uncertainty over its future. Give thanks for those who have coped with that uncertainty, while providing a positive learning environment for the children. Pray for them as they plan for the future
  • Give thanks for all that the children have learned at school this year – not just the knowledge but the skills and life skills. Pray that they will continue to want to learn and to grow and develop as members of the school community
  • Pray for the children moving on at the end of term, and for those starting at Dalreoch after the summer

Week commencing 16 April: Easter

  • Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!
  • If the women and the disciples who went to the empty tomb and met the Risen Jesus struggled to understand  what they had experienced, maybe we have an excuse, Lord, help us to try to get our heads around what happened that day
  • Thank you for the new hope that Easter gives us: the hope that cruelty, indifference, abuse and hatred will not have the last word; the hope that it is worth investing time, effort and suffering into seeking healing and wholeness for the world; the hope that life does not end with death
  • Encountering the risen Jesus transformed the lives of those who met him. Help us to open our hearts and lives that we may be transformed
  • Help your whole church to live out the hope, the message of Easter

Telephone & Email disruption at Riverside

We’re having Email/Telephone problems!

Work at the site beside our church at Dumbarton Harbour Planning Application, Caskie Limited demolishing the old Elephant & Castle pub has unfortunately severed the telephone line to the Church and office, affecting calls, internet and emails. Please bear with us while BT Openreach, Caskie Limited and Culross hopefully come up with a resolution that won’t be affected by the ongoing demolition & construction.
If you have left a message over the last week or so and have not heard back please do try again!

Week commencing 9 April 2017 (Holy Week)

Lord Jesus, we wish you would ride into our town, that crowds would welcome you with shouts of “Praise God” – but maybe you would weep over it, as you Jerusalem. We pray for our town and all who live here

  • You drove out the money-changers in the Temple, you created mayhem. You hate corruption, you hate systems that exclude people. You do something about it. Stir us up to action for change
  • You challenged your disciples to have faith. You challenged them to pray earnestly. Help us to do both
  • You faced up to questioners bombarding you from all sides. Often we dodge getting involved in discussions/arguments about our faith. Help us to stop dodging the issue, and help us to be ready to learn more about our faith so that we are not so vulnerable when we do get caught up in arguments
  • You met with your friends for the Passover meal, when the past, the present and the future come together as God’s mighty act of salvation is remembered and celebrated. As we share in bread and wine may we be aware of what you did, of your presence with us now, and your promises for the future
  • In the face of your suffering and love what we say. Forgive us
  • As the disciples were filled with despair by what happened, may we be filled with hope, with courage, with renewed commitment

Week commencing 2 April 2015: Those with problems or issues in our parishes

  • There are people in our parishes who have problems with alcohol, drugs or other substances. They often sit alongside other problems – physical or mental health issues, complex and difficult family relationships, unemployment, difficulty in maintaining regularity or structure in life, poor educational attainment and so on.
  • Pray for them, that they will find the support they need to break out of their addictions and to cope with the other issues in their lives.
  • Pray for their families, friends and neighbours who are trying to cope with their problems.
  • Pray for those who work with people with addiction problems
  • ‘Old age doesn’t come alone’. For some it means physical problems – restricted mobility, chronic pain, difficulty breathing, spells in and out of hospital, adjusting to not being able to do things you used to do, adjusting to losing your independence and having to rely on others. For other people it is the mind that is affected as forgetfulness or dementia develops. It is stressful and distressing.
  • Pray for those who are experiencing the problems of age in their own lives, and those who are having to cope with them in relatives, friends or neighbours.
  • Pray too for those who work with older people who have age-related problems
  • Attitudes to people with disabilities, learning difficulties, ‘conditions’ or ‘syndromes’ have changed markedly over the last two generations. They are now much more readily included in the mainstream of society. But coping with a family member, friend or neighbour can still be hard work.
  • Pray for continuing change in attitudes, and greater inclusion.
  • Pray that those who have disabilities etc will be enabled to reach their full potential.
  • Pray for those who have to cope/ look after them, that they will have the stamina and patience they need

Riverside Ramblers Timetable for 2017

Riverside Ramblers, our walking group, have updated their timetable for 2017-2018.Riverside Ramblers

Find out more at:

Day Date Walk
Tues 28 March Balloch Park
Wed 12 April Ross Priory
Sat 6 May Trossachs
Thurs 18 May Lomondgate
Sat 10 June Erskine
Wed 21 June Levengrove Park
Mon 3 July Firkin Point
Tues 18 July Balloch bridge – Bonhill bridge + return
Wed 9 Aug Newark Castle, Port Glasgow
Sat 19 Aug Mugdock Park
Mon 28 Aug Luss
Thurs 7 Sept The Carrick
Weekend September Pitlochry
Fri 5 Jan 18 Dinner – Stables

Activities for adults (week commencing 26 March)

  • Week by week dozens of people come to activities in the church halls that reflect the churches’ role as a centre for the community.
  • Give thanks that so many people find friendship, company, a welcome, in the activities that meet in the halls
  • Pray that the organisations and groups may continue to have the support they need to keep operating
  • Pray that we may continue to make them feel welcome
  • Pray that we may be able to find ways for communicating with these ‘hall-users’ so that they can learn what the church is about

Congregational Board (Week commencing 19 March)

  • Being a member of the Congregational Board involves attending meetings, being on rotas, being on committees or working groups. Give thanks for the willingness of elders and members of the congregation to do these things, and pray that they may continue to be willing to do so
  • Pray for those who hold specific offices within the Congregational Board – Clerk, Treasurer, Convener of certain committees or groups

Fact Box

The Congregational Board looks after the financial and fabric matters of the congregation, including fund-raising

In Riverside all elders are members of the Congregational Board, in West Kirk elders serve on the Board by rotation

Members of the congregation are elected, on a rolling basis, at the Stated Annual Meeting to serve for three years. The number of elected members may equal but not exceed the number of elders on the Board

Lent and Holy Week 2017

March    Lent
Wed 10th    11am Lent Study Group: Some of Paul’s Letters – background & Philippians West Kirk Session Room
Wed 15th    11am Lent Study Group: Some more of Paul’s Letters – Thessalonians West Kirk Session Room
Thu 16th    12noon Joint Lent Lunch for Christian Aid Riverside Main Hall
Wed 22nd    11am Lent Study Group: Some more of Paul’s Letters – Corinthians Part 1 West Kirk Session Room
Thu 23rd    12noon Joint Lent Lunch for Christian Aid Riverside Main Hall
Wed 29th    11am Lent Study Group: Some more of Paul’s Letters – Corinthians Part 2 West Kirk Session Room
Thu 30th    12noon Joint Lent Lunch for Christian Aid Riverside Main Hall
Wed 5th    11am Lent Study Group: Some more of Paul’s Letters – Corinthians Part 3 West Kirk Session Room
Thu 6th    12noon Joint Lent Lunch for Christian Aid Riverside Main Hall
Holy Week Joint Services
Mon 10th    7pm Worship West Kirk
Tue 11th    7pm Worship St Andrew’s Bellsmyre
Wed 12th    7pm Worship Dalreoch UF
Thu 13th    12noon Communion West Kirk
   7pm Passover & Eucharist St Augustine’s
Fri 14th    12noon Walk of Witness & Town Centre Service High St
   7:30pm Communion Riverside