Congregational Board (Week commencing 19 March)

  • Being a member of the Congregational Board involves attending meetings, being on rotas, being on committees or working groups. Give thanks for the willingness of elders and members of the congregation to do these things, and pray that they may continue to be willing to do so
  • Pray for those who hold specific offices within the Congregational Board – Clerk, Treasurer, Convener of certain committees or groups

Fact Box

The Congregational Board looks after the financial and fabric matters of the congregation, including fund-raising

In Riverside all elders are members of the Congregational Board, in West Kirk elders serve on the Board by rotation

Members of the congregation are elected, on a rolling basis, at the Stated Annual Meeting to serve for three years. The number of elected members may equal but not exceed the number of elders on the Board

Lent and Holy Week 2017

March    Lent
Wed 10th    11am Lent Study Group: Some of Paul’s Letters – background & Philippians West Kirk Session Room
Wed 15th    11am Lent Study Group: Some more of Paul’s Letters – Thessalonians West Kirk Session Room
Thu 16th    12noon Joint Lent Lunch for Christian Aid Riverside Main Hall
Wed 22nd    11am Lent Study Group: Some more of Paul’s Letters – Corinthians Part 1 West Kirk Session Room
Thu 23rd    12noon Joint Lent Lunch for Christian Aid Riverside Main Hall
Wed 29th    11am Lent Study Group: Some more of Paul’s Letters – Corinthians Part 2 West Kirk Session Room
Thu 30th    12noon Joint Lent Lunch for Christian Aid Riverside Main Hall
Wed 5th    11am Lent Study Group: Some more of Paul’s Letters – Corinthians Part 3 West Kirk Session Room
Thu 6th    12noon Joint Lent Lunch for Christian Aid Riverside Main Hall
Holy Week Joint Services
Mon 10th    7pm Worship West Kirk
Tue 11th    7pm Worship St Andrew’s Bellsmyre
Wed 12th    7pm Worship Dalreoch UF
Thu 13th    12noon Communion West Kirk
   7pm Passover & Eucharist St Augustine’s
Fri 14th    12noon Walk of Witness & Town Centre Service High St
   7:30pm Communion Riverside

Members of the congregation (week commencing 12 March)

  • Give thanks for those who week by week (or maybe a little less often) share in worship with us, making it a more enriching experience for us all. Pray that they may continue to find friendship in our congregation, and an encounter with God in our worship
  • Give thanks for those who give generously to the church of their time, abilities and money. It is appreciated. Pray that they will continue to feel that it is worthwhile doing so
  • Pray for those who are unable to come to church because of illness or disability. Help us reassure them that they are not forgotten – by us or by God
  • Pray for those who no longer come because they ‘got out of the habit’ or who feel they no longer want to be part of the church family

World Day of Prayer (Week commencing 5 March)

  • God thank you for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. We ask you to be with us in this service and help us to learn about your kindness to us. We pray that you would help us to show that same kindness to others around us
  • God is not unfair – He is kind, but our world often is unfair. God asks us to help Him by showing the same kindness He has towards others. He wants us to notice when others are being treated unfairly and to do what we can to help them
  • May we notice when things are unfair and help us to be strong enough to speak out for justice

Fact box

Prayers taken from World Day of Prayer service for children – this year held at 2.00pm in St Patrick’s on Friday 3 March (all welcome)

Material prepared by women from The Philippines. The country comprises over 7000 islands and the population is over 100m

Most of the population identify as Christian

New Signs!

Only installed yesterday, we now have bright and attractive professionally designed signs and noticeboards facing Church Street, Castle Street and the High Street, helping to keep everyone up to date on the many activities and events going on at the Church and in the halls. Sign At Dumbarton Riverside

New indoor signs to match have also been installed to help people find their way around our Church and halls complex.
Many thanks to our member Simon for helping to organise and to Davina and her colleagues at West Dunbartonshire Council (see West Dunbartonshire Council Information and Updates) for their help in getting generous financial assistance from the Common Good Fund.

Halls At Dumbarton RiversideWith the new Council offices under construction, the start of the development at the harbour site next door and plans for new shops along Castle Street, the whole area around our Church is under development, and will hopefully help to re-vitalise Dumbarton Town centre

Click here to see more photos on our facbook page

Guiding Week commencing 26 February

  • We give thanks for the young people in Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. We pray that they will continue to enjoy belonging to the group, and the wider movement
  • Give thanks for the commitment of the leaders, which involves much more than just turning up one evening a week!


1st Dumbarton Rainbows     Mondays 6-7pm                  Riverside

1st Dumbarton Brownies      Wednesdays 6.30-7.45pm Riverside

1st Dumbarton Guides         Wednesday 7.45-9.30pm    Riverside

2nd Dumbarton Guides        Thursday 7.30-9.30pm        Riverside

7th Dumbarton Rainbows    Tuesdays 6-7.15pm            West Kirk

7th Dumbarton Brownies     Thursdays 6.15-7.45pm      West Kirk

7th Dumbarton Guides         Thursdays 7.45-9.30pm      West Kirk

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Fair Trade Fortnight Week commencing 19 February

  • Pray for greater fairness in the global trade system
  • Pray for producers who depend on a single crop for their livelihood, and are vulnerable to receiving low prices for their produce
  • Pray that extra money raised by the Fairtrade system will directly improve the lives of the producers, their families and their communities


Public services in our parishes Week commencing 12 February


  • Although the police offices are not in our parish areas, much of the work that the police from Garshake do probably is! Policing has changed a lot over the years, and there have been changes too to the sort of crimes that they are called to deal with (cyber crime, hate, abuse etc have come much more to the fore). They still, however, have to deal with sensitive situations where people are hurting or vulnerable, requiring sensitivity and kindness
  • Give thanks for the work of the police locally
  • Pray that they may be kept safe, may always strive to do what is right, without cutting corners, and have the humanity that vulnerable people need

Fire brigade

  • We hope that we never need them, but we are glad that they are there
  • Pray that they will be safe when they go about their work, and pray for the people they assist

Criminal justice service

  • Give thanks that we live in a country where we strive to have ‘the rule of law’
  • Pray for all those involved in the criminal justice system  – judges, juries, lawyers, court officers, victims, witnesses, and those in the dock


Messy Church – 25 Feb 2017

Messy Church – Saturday 25 February 2017

4.00 – 5.30pm

Theme –   “Ancient Egyptians”


Come into the Halls from Castle Street

A time for Families to share together in fun and food

have fun making crafts together

play games – share in supper

finish with a story and singing

For more information phone the church office on 742551