Messy Church – 25 Feb 2017

Messy Church – Saturday 25 February 2017

4.00 – 5.30pm

Theme –   “Ancient Egyptians”


Come into the Halls from Castle Street

A time for Families to share together in fun and food

have fun making crafts together

play games – share in supper

finish with a story and singing

For more information phone the church office on 742551

Week beginning 5 February: West Dunbartonshire Council

  • Give thanks for those willing to give time and effort (and take criticism) to be elected members of the Council. Give them insight and courage to take the right decisions for this area
  • We pray for all employees of the Council, particularly as they cope with frustrated or angry members of the public, or as they worry how they will be affected by changes to council services

New Year 2017

As we say ‘Goodbye’ to 2016

what will we remember?

The referendum?

Donald Trump?

A summer of sport?

Something more personal?

Something good, or something bad?

What about  2017?

Are we looking forward with expectation?

Or with fear, loneliness, worry?


For all that has been:

we give thanks for your presence with us

your love and your forgiveness


For all that is to come:

we ask for the strength to keep trusting in you

for the growth of your Kingdom in Dumbarton

for growth in our two congregations

and for peace and justice in your world


Christ the Lord is born today,

           See him on a bed of hay

           Come with us and we can say,

           “Thank you, God, for Jesus”.


                      Thank you, God, for all your love

                      Freely given from above.

                      Help us give this love away

                      Born in us at Christmas


Loving God

As we thank you for what you did for us long ago

and for all that we have now

we pray for those for whom Christmas is not a happy time

those living with the worry or pain of illness or grief

those who are lonely

those separated from loved ones

those who lack shelter or food

those worried about money or job

those who live in fear of their lives

18 December

The LORD will give you a sign: a young woman who is pregnant will have a son and will name him ‘Immanuel’. By the time he is old enough to make his own decisions, people will be drinking milk and eating honey.

Isaiah 7: 14-15

Gracious God,

We give you thanks that you are active in our world.

We can’t always see the signs that you are at work,

sometimes your timescale is different from ours,

but you are always working

and you don’t need us to nudge you into doing something.

Sometimes we are the ones who need nudged.

We can’t be bothered

We think we’re too busy.

Forgive us, and make us ready to do your work

11 December

Give strength to hands that are tired

 and to knees that tremble with weakness.

Tell everyone who is discouraged,

“Be strong and don’t be afraid!

God is coming to your rescue.”

Isaiah 35: 3-4


We pray for all those who are tired and weary –

weary from caring for others

weary from trying to make ends meet

weary from coping with pain and illness

We pray for those who are discouraged –

because of repeated knocks and setbacks

because through age and illness they cannot do what they did

We pray for ourselves that we may know your strength

to keep going

to help others

to be witnesses to you

Gift Service – 11th Dec 2016

This Sunday we will be collecting gifts to be given to those in need this Christmas.  Please bring anything suitable for young children, teenagers and adults which will be distributed by Dumbarton Women’s Aid and West Dunbartonshire Social Work Dept.

Please leave gifts unwrapped – this will make it easier to allocate them for distribution.

4th December

The Spirit of the LORD will give him wisdom

 and the knowledge and skill to rule his people.

He will know the LORD’s will and honour him,

 and find pleasure in obeying him.

He will not judge by appearance or hearsay;

 he will judge the poor fairly

 and defend the rights of the helpless.

Isaiah 11: 2-4a



We pray for all in positions of authority

here and in every other land:

may they strive for peace and justice, truth and honesty,

wholeness and fullness of life for everyone.

We pray for those who desperately long for peace and justice

who live with fear, poverty or abuse.

We pray for ourselves

that we will strive as best we can to make it the kind of world

you want it to be

Messy Church – Christingle – 9 Dec 2016

Dumbarton Riverside

Messy Church


6pm Friday 9 December 2016

Come into the Halls from Castle Street

A time for Families to share together in fun and food

Make a family Christingle (bring your own orange if you can) –

have fun doing other crafts together – share in supper

light your Christingle, sing carols and hear the Christingle story

For more information phone the church office on 742551

Week beginning 27 November: Scotland

  • Give thanks for being part of a community, for friends, family, neighbours and colleagues
  • Pray that people may feel committed to working for the best for their communities, offering time and energy to help others
  • Pray for those who are facing problems of loneliness, illness, poverty, unemployment/underemployment, abuse
  • Pray for all who are involved in local and national government
  • Give thanks for the beauty around us. Pray that we may appreciate and care for it
  • Pray for the churches in Scotland, that they may be faithful witnesses to Christ’s love and Good News, and that more and more people will respond to Christ’s call