Prayer Diary – Public services in our parishes


  • Although the police offices are not in our parish areas, much of the work that the police from Garshake do probably is! Policing has changed a lot over the years, and there have been changes too to the sort of crimes that they are called to deal with (cyber crime, hate, abuse etc have come much more to the fore). They still, however, have to deal with sensitive situations where people are hurting or vulnerable, requiring sensitivity and kindness
  • Give thanks for the work of the police locally
  • Pray that they may be kept safe, may always strive to do what is right, without cutting corners, and have the humanity that vulnerable people need

Fire brigade

  • We hope that we never need them, but we are glad that they are there
  • Pray that they will be safe when they go about their work, and pray for the people they assist

Criminal justice service

  • Give thanks that we live in a country where we strive to have ‘the rule of law’
  • Pray for all those involved in the criminal justice system – judges, juries, lawyers, court officers, victims, witnesses, and those in the dock

Messy Church 21 Feb 2015

Next Messy Church is on Saturday 21 February 2015
at 4.00 – 5.30pm

 The theme is “Family”

Come into the Halls from Castle Street

 A time for Families to share together in fun and food

 have fun making crafts together

 play games – share in supper

 finish with a story and singing

For more information phone the church office on 742551

Community Prayer Diary: 25 January: Braehead Primary

  • Give thanks for friendships formed at school, especially among new pupils. Pray that all friendships will be helpful and supportive, and for any children that find it hard to make friends
  • Give thanks for the staff who make the school such a friendly and welcoming place, as well as somewhere where children can learn. Pray for all the staff – teachers, clerical, cleaning, janitorial and catering staff
  • Give thanks that the children are so keen to learn, to participate, to discover and develop their skills. Pray that they may keep all of that, but also learn concern for others, wisdom and that God has a place too
  • It will soon be time for the P7s to think about moving on, and for the new intake at P1 to be enrolling. Pray for those who will be going through change, that they will see it as an exciting development, and not something to worry about. Pray for their families too
  • Families are a great support to the school. Pray for them as they strive to provide loving, caring homes, in some cases in spite of difficult situations. Pray especially for families with multiple needs
  • Give thanks for the many ways in which children can achieve success: sport, music, drama, dance, art, public speaking etc. In some cases they do this entirely in Braehead, in other cases they compete with children from other local schools. Pray that all may be encouraged to recognise that they have skills and abilities, and seek to keep developing them
  • Give thanks for the willingness of the children, in different ways, to support those in need in the wider community. Pray that they may continue to be willing to do that

Riverside Gateway – from 3rd Feb

Riverside Gateway will restart on Tuesday 3rd Feb from 10:30am.

Come along for a tea/coffee and a chat.  If you enjoy playing cards or board games but don’t have anyone to play with, if you like to chat about books you’ve just read, or enjoy crosswords or knitting, and would like to chat with like-minded people, come along and join in.

Encourage someone you know to come along, or bring them with you!

Community Prayer Diary: 18 January: Christian Unity

  • Give thanks to God for the good relations that there are between churches in Britain, in Scotland, in Dumbarton. Pray that we may show the world around how God wishes us to handle differences, and that we may all strive to know God’s true will and purpose
  • Give thanks for the work of Dumbarton Churches Together, and all who are involved with it. Pray that they may continue to be inspired to serve God through it, and pray for the different activities they arrange
  • Pray for the Church of Scotland congregations in Dumbarton (the linkage of Riverside and West Kirk, and St Andrew’s Bellsmyre)
  • Pray for other churches in the town: St Patrick’s RC, St Peter’s RC, St Michael’s RC, St Augustine’s Episcopal, Dalreoch UF, Dumbarton URC, Dumbarton Baptist, The Rock Community Church, and Lennox Evangelical. Pray for the ministers and congregations, that they will know God’s will and strength as they seek to serve him, and especially for those who currently do not have a minister, or who have problems with their buildings

Community Prayer Diary: 11 January: Kirk Session

  • Being an elder is an honour – it is also hard work, going to meetings, being on rotas, being on committees or working groups, making time to visit members. Give thanks for the willingness of elders to do these things, and pray that they may continue to be willing to do so
  • Pray for those who hold specific offices within the Kirk Session – Clerk, Roll Keeper, Convener of certain groups
  • The Kirk Session seeks to provide vision, leadership and care for the congregation. It has to consider a wide range of topics at its meetings. Pray for guidance in its discussions and decisions
  • For reasons of age or health some elders have had to step down from the Kirk Session. Pray that they may continue to feel there are other ways in which they can serve God as elders in his church

The Wandering Nativity Set

Mary, Joseph and the Donkey travelling from Nazareth to Bethlehem (via Dumbarton)

Nativity SetLuke’s Gospel tells us that Mary and Joseph travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem while Mary was heavily pregnant. It’s a long journey (maybe as far as Dumbarton to Edinburgh if they followed the regular Jewish practice of avoiding Samaria and taking the ‘long way’ via the Jordan Valley). It would also require a climb from Jericho to Jerusalem not far short of climbing Ben Lomond. There were no cars, buses or trains. They had to walk or maybe take the donkey (though some women who have been through pregnancy aren’t sure where they would rather walk than travel on a donkey’s back on rough roads). They couldn’t have done it all in one day, so must have taken bed and breakfast along the way.Nativity Set

To help us think about this, during Advent a stable, Mary and Joseph – and a donkey – travelled round the congregation, taking bed and breakfast each night. (One hostess reported that they were no trouble at all – and the donkey left a ‘wee present’ for the roses!) The next morning the host(ess) from the night before would take them to the person/people providing accommodation for the next night – and they might well have a chat and a cup of coffee in the process. On Christmas Eve, at the end of the service the weary travellers arrived in Bethlehem, the Baby was born, and the other figures from the Nativity Set joined them to celebrate God’s great gift to us.