Dumbarton: Riverside linked with The West Kirk and St Andrews

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The Presbytery of Dumbarton’s plan was approved and adopted in 2014 .  This led to the linkage of Dumbarton: Riverside with Dumbarton: West Kirk and the induction of Ian Johnson as Minister of the linkage.  Presbytery changed their plan shortly after and in 2018 a triple linkage was formed comprising Dumbarton: Riverside, Dumbarton: West Kirk and Dumbarton: St Andrews.

This means we share a minister, a part time pastoral assistant and a part time development worker.  We join together for special services at Christmas, Remembrance Day and through the summer holidays, as well as working together on various projects, while maintaining our distinct identities as separate congregations with our own sanctuaries and other buildings across Dumbarton.

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Revd Ian Johnson

The Presbytery of Dumbarton held a service of induction at Riverside Church on Thursday 27th February 2014.  A large congregation from Dumbarton: Riverside, Dumbarton: The West Kirk, Greenock Lyle Kirk, friends and family turned up to welcome Ian Johnson.

The Service of Linkage between Dumbarton: Riverside and Dumbarton: The West Kirk, and Ian Johnson’s Introduction as Minister at The West Kirk, took place on Tuesday 26th August 2014 in The West Kirk.


Marie Clare Dungavell

Marie Clare joined us in Summer 2015 as the new part time Development Worker for the Church of Scotland in Dumbarton, focusing on youth engagement.


Maureen Burke

Maureen joined us in 2018 as the part time Pastoral Assistant for all 3 Dumbarton congregations.  Maureen works with the Minister assisting in a range of pastoral care work across the parishes and in local care homes and hospitals.




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  1. Riverside Update says:

    It was announced in church this morning that the Presbytery of Dumbarton has now intimated that a service of induction will be held in Riverside Church on Thursday 27th February 2014 at 7pm. A warm invitation is extended to all.

    It is expected that a service of linkage between the two congregations will take place in the near future; this will be intimated as soon as the details are known.

  2. Riverside Update says:

    Great news for Dumbarton – it was announced at both Riverside and The West Kirk yesterday that we now have a sole nominee.

    He is the Revd. Ian Johnson who is presently the minister at the Lyle Kirk in Greenock.

    Ian will preach as sole nominee on Sunday 19th January…. 10.00 am at the West Kirk followed at 11.30 am in Riverside. After each service members and adherents will be asked to vote i.e. West Kirk members voting in the West Kirk, and Riverside members voting in Riverside. The result of the ballot will be declared to both congregations after the second service at Riverside….lunch will be served to both congregations while we wait on the result of the ballot. Mr Johnson comes with the unanimous recommendation of the Nominating Committee who feel that his style of ministry will suit both congregations.

    • Riverside Update says:

      Ian Johnson preached yesterday as sole nominee to Dumbarton: Riverside in deferred linkage with Dumbarton: The West Kirk. Ian led worship at both churches in front of strong attendances of members and adherents who afterwards voted on whether to accept him as our new minister. Large numbers from both churches enthusiastically gathered in Riverside’s halls for tea and coffee while the counting took place. The results, announced by Rev Eleanor McMahon, were overwhelmingly in support of calling Ian to be our new minister. The halls were buzzing with excitement and people spoke of the sense of optimism and hope as, with God’s grace, we enter this new era of ministry together in Dumbarton.

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