Thought for the day Saturday 4 April

Each day we hear of people dying as a result of catching coronavirus, and the sad situation of relatives who cannot be with their loved one in their dying moments because of quarantine restrictions, and often cannot attend the funeral too. There are many other bereavements each day where coronavirus is not involved in the cause of death, but, because of the restrictions brought in by it, they face the same difficult experiences of not being with their relative as they die, and not being able to attend the funeral. It is very hard for all concerned.


Lord, especially as we approach Good Friday, we know that you understand what pain and grieving are like. We pray for all who are alone in their last hours, the staff who are seeking to provide the comfort they need, and the relatives whose grief is made worse because they cannot say ‘goodbye’ in the way that they would wish. May they know you peace and love with them. May we offer what help and support we can. Amen

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