General Assembly 2019

Radical proposals on the future of the Church of Scotland for generations to come will take centre stage at this year’s General Assembly.  The objective is to improve the welfare of the whole Church, ensuring the proper stewardship of resources and making mission work in a local setting a top priority.

A Growth Fund of between £20million to £25 million, has been proposed to plant new worshipping communities and to fund new work with children, young people and young adults. The fund will also be used for Church projects that support communities across Scotland.

Commissioners will be asked to consider plans to reduce administration costs by 20-30% and merge four of the Church’s Councils into two. They will also consider whether CrossReach, the operating name of the Social Care Council, should become a more arms-length, self-sustaining organisation.

Other topics that are likely to be discussed at the General Assembly include welfare, asylum seekers, refugees, climate justice, interfaith relations, the European Union and democracy itself.

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