Week commencing 19 June: Our MP and MSPs

  • Give thanks for those who serve our community as MP and MSPs – how many of us would be willing to do their job?
  • Politicians need to be fairly thick-skinned – people tend to have a not very high opinion of politicians in general, and sometimes this can lead to politicians being subject to abuse and hurtful comments. Pray that we will be respectful and encourage others to be respectful
  • Living between the constituency and Edinburgh or London is tiring, and can be disruptive of family life. Pray that they may have the stamina to cope. Pray too for their families who have to cope with being in the spotlight, and may not see a family member as much as they would like
  • Pray for our MP and MSPs that they will work for the good of our community, and for the building of a country and world with peace and justice

Fact box: MP and MSPs for Dumbarton

Martin Docherty MP

West Dunbartonshire (SNP)

Jackie Ballie MSP

Dumbarton (Labour)

Neil Bibby MSP

West of Scotland (Labour)

Maurice Corry MSP

West of Scotland (Conservative)

Mary Fee MSP

West of Scotland (Labour)

Maurice Golden MSP

West of Scotland (Conservative)

Jamie Greene MSP

West of Scotland (Conservative)

Ross Greer MSP

West of Scotland (Green)

Ken Macintosh MSP

West of Scotland (Labour)



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