Week commencing 12 June: Presbytery

  • Give thanks for those who serve in Presbytery, particularly those who hold office in it. Being a member of Presbytery isn’t just a case of going to meetings roughly once a month. Most have committees to attend, some have congregations to visit, and there are Presbytery services through the year which members are encouraged to attend too
  • Give thanks for the retiring Moderator of Presbytery, Dr Iain Galbraith, and pray that he will be able to appreciate his new-found freedom. Pray for the new Moderator, Rev Christine Goldie, who takes up responsibility on 14 June
  • Pray for those who serve as Interim Moderators and Locums, and those who try to find people to serve in such roles


Fact Box: members of Presbytery from Riverside and West Kirk

Ian Johnson


Ian Logan

Additional Elder, Riverside

Celia Massicks

Representative Elder, Riverside

Ishbel Robertson

OLM, member of Riverside, serving in St Andrew’s Bellsmyre

Sheila Rennie

Additional Elder, Riverside

Cliff Tilley

Representative Elder, West Kirk


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