Week Commencing 1 May: Scottish Parliament Election

  • Pray for those who have retired from the Scottish Parliament, as they look for new outlets for their energy and experience. May they continue to contribute to the well-being of the community and country
  • Pray for those who are standing as candidates in this election, that they will have the stamina to cope with the long hours and the strength to cope with the hard knocks, rude comments etc
  • Pray for those who will be elected: that they will serve their community effectively, be able to cope with all the challenges of being an MSP, and pray too for their families, if they live part of the time in London and part in their constituencies
  • Pray for those who are not elected (especially if they were previously the MSP). Help them to cope with the disappointment, and to find new ways of helping others
  • Pray for all those who arrange and administer the election
  • Pray for the outcome, that whatever government is elected it will listen for God’s voice, and be guided to work for justice and peace, wholeness and fullness of life for all

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