Week commencing 24 April: Couples and single people

  • Lord, you have called us all to belong to your family – whether we live on our own, live with our spouse/ partner/‘other half’, or have an extensive network of children, grandchildren, siblings etc. We are all brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews to each other in your family. Thank you for that sense of ‘belonging’ – we are there for each other and can help and support each other
  • We pray for everyone who has an ‘other half’, whether they are part of the church or not. We pray that their relationship may grow and be strong to face the challenges that life can bring. We pray for all who are facing difficulties in their relationships. May we be ready to help, without judging
  • We pray for those who live on their own – some may have lived on their own for a long time, for some it may be a new experience. Living ‘on your own’ is not the same as ‘being lonely’, but some people are lonely, and we pray for them. Help us to be ready to offer friendship and welcome both in church and wherever we are
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