Week beginning 13 December: Advent

            The Sovereign LORD has filled me with his spirit.

            He has chosen me and sent me

            to bring good news to the poor,

            to heal the broken-hearted,

            to announce release to captives

            and freedom to those in prison.

            He has sent me to proclaim

            that the time has come

            when the LORD will save his people.

Isaiah 61: 1-2

Will you join the hope alight in a young girl’s eyes

Of the mighty put to flight by a baby’s cries?

When the lowest and the least are the foremost at the feast,

Will you hide or decide to meet the light?


We may never see a perfect world

maybe no one will ever see it until we pass the veil of death

but you want us to keep working for it

sharing the love of Jesus

sharing the Good News of Jesus

and you have given us your Spirit too


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