Dumbarton Churches Together Tackling Sectarianism

Dumbarton Churches Together has been focused on exploring the common Christian heritage in Scotland. In particular, they have produced resource packs for primary schools, the first on St Columba, the second on St Andrew and the third on St Patrick. These packs helped to resource teachers at both Catholic and non-denominational schools, and the schools were then brought together in joint events in the local area to commemorate each saint. The first event was held to mark St Columba’s Day, with 200 pupils from all seven Dumbarton Primary schools gathering to explore Dumbarton Castle, with the aid of volunteer guides from the local churches. The second event took place to mark St Andrew’s Day, with 300 school pupils, teachers and church volunteers walking through Dumbarton to visit each of the five churches in Dumbarton, where the children learnt about the history of the particular church building and denomination. A third event was organised for St Patrick’s Day.
Reviewing successful projects around the country, Tackling Sectarianism Together provided the opportunity to draw on existing enthusiasm and expertise within local communities, shaping the work around people’s gifts and interests to create bespoke, contextual responses to the issues of sectarianism. Each of the local communities was encouraged to follow existing life, energy and activities, which produced a diversity of responses across the project. The energy of the Dumbarton Churches Together group was particularly mentioned, as was the expertise of local retired teachers and a researcher who complied schools resource packs on local Christian heritage.
Dumbarton: Riverside Church of Scotland is a committed member of Dumbarton Churches Together.

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