Prayer Diary 7 June: Leisure and fitness

  • There are various leisure activities happen within the two sets of church buildings – some church activities, some activities that use the church premises. Give thanks that as well as helping to keep people fit, they also provide fellowship, company and bring people from outside the church into its buildings
  • Pray for those who lead and organise such groups, whether they are volunteers or paid staff, that they will have the patience and stamina to keep going
  • Many church members belong to sports clubs in the town, or use leisure facilities such as the Meadow Centre. Pray for all who run such facilities – again whether volunteers or paid staff
  • There are also other leisure facilities in the town which provide an opportunity to meet and share with others who have similar interests – Probus, the Camera Club, the Masonic Hall. Give thanks for the many ways in which people (particularly those who are retired) are able to meet with others, and to continue to use their skills and abilities
  • Pray for those who do not belong to any clubs or take part in any leisure or fitness activities. There are different reasons: some are housebound, some cannot afford the money, some are full time carers etc. Pray in particular for those who are lonely and those whose lifestyles put long-term health at risk

 Fact Box: leisure and fitness activities in our church halls

Badminton – Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings WK
Coffee Club – Monday morning West Kirk
Zumba – Monday morning and afternoon Riverside
Carpet – Bowls Monday afternoon Riverside
Ladies Keep Fit – Monday afternoon Riverside
Line Dancing – Monday evening West Kirk
Ladies Badminton – Tuesday & Thursday mornings Riverside
Handcraft Circle – Tuesday afternoon West Kirk
TaeKwan -Do – Wednesday evening Riverside
Good Companions – Friday afternoon Riverside
Dance School – Friday evening West Kirk

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