Prayer Diary: Week commencing 26 April: Messy Church

* Give thanks for those who come to Messy Church and obviously enjoy it. Some are part of the Sunday worshipping community, some go to other churches, some don’t have much of a church connection. Pray that the links will become stronger and that all may be drawn into the life of the wider church

* Give thanks for those who organise it and lead the different activities. Pray that others may become involved in the planning and leading – both to include them, and to enable us to have Messy Church more often Factbox Messy Church happens once a quarter in Riverside on either a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. It is intended to be an event for families

The principles behind organising Messy Church are: Family, Friendship, Food, Fun, Faith, Flexibility and Fruitfulness or to put it another way:
– it is for all ages, not just children
– it is about creativity, not just crafts
– it is about worship and community, not a bridge to ‘real church’
– it aims for transformation of family life, not just fun for kids
– its hospitality is part of its outreach, not just an inducement to come

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