Community Prayer Diary: Sunday School

  • Give thanks for the children who come to Sunday School. Some are there each week, some a little less regularly. They all cheer us up with the contributions during the service
  • Pray that they will continue to enjoy coming, and that they will not be put off by what their friends or other children at school do on a Sunday morning
  • Pray that they will absorb the stories they hear from the Bible, learn hymns and songs, and find talking to God as natural as talking to anyone else
  • Give thanks for those who work in the Sunday School week by week right through the year, taking time to prepare things during the week, arranging special events and outings, and coping with influxes of extra children when there is a baptism
  • Pray that they may continue to enjoy being involved and inspired with new ideas for things to do
  • Give thanks for the parents and grandparents who bring the children each week
  • Pray that they will have the patience to cope with “I don’t want to go today”

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