Sunday 19th January

The interim moderator, Eleanor McMahon, has written to all members of Riverside and the West Kirk detailing the proceedings for Sunday 19th January when we will all have the opportunity to hear Revd Ian Johnson preach as sole nominee.

If you don’t receive this letter by 14th January please contact the church office for further details.

Both congregations have had to change the times of their service on the 19th: 10am at the West Kirk and 11:30am at Riverside, resuming to normal times the following week.

After the service members and adherents will vote on whether they wish to accept Mr Johnson as our new minister.  To enable both congregations to hear the result at the same time coffee/lunch will be served in the Main Hall at Riverside.  You may attend both services, but will only be able to vote at your own church.

The interim moderator stresses the importance of this event for both congregations and encourages everyone to make every effort to be at worship on the 19th.

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