Launch of The Steeple Fund

Riverside SteepleThe Interim Moderator, Eleanor McMahon, is writing to all members making them aware of the urgent repairs required to our historic, listed 1811 building’s Steeple and Clock Tower.  The Congregational Board have decided to launch a special Steeple Fund to try to raise the required £10,000 cost of this work.

Social & Projects have started the fundraising off by organising the Nearly New sale on 18-19 October 2013, with all the proceeds going directly to the Steeple Fund.

We are also appealing to all members, groups and organisations to consider how they could help.  We are very aware that many households face financial challenges at this time, and therefore we are suggesting a range of help you could consider:

  • You could make a donation to the fund.  Your contribution would go directly to the Steeple Fund, and not our general fund.  Further, if you are a taxpayer then your donation can be “gift aided”.
  • You could organise a fund raising event, perhaps by doing a sponsored event or a coffee morning.
  • You may also like to help out at the Nearly New Sale.  We need both goods to sell, people to help and to bring friends along to the event.  Help is also needed to uplift goods

Please know, we continue to be grateful to all those who give on a week by week basis, through which the financial security of our congregation is achieved.

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